Nos Vemos En Purgatorio

Nos vemos en Purgatorio - Alfaguara

Best Novel – Drama – Spanish – International Latino Book Expo 2010

We are pround to announce that “Nos vemos en Purgatorio” is now published under the prestigious Alfaguara brand of the Editorial Group Santillana.

The original US Edition is no longer printed.

The novel is sold in bookstores in Perú and at

NVEP Presentación Oficial en Lima, Perú

San Antonio (Texas) – What happens when a foreign professional starts working in corporate America? What is the dialogue that occurs within an immigrant’s soul? Nos Vemos En Purgatorio tells the story of the journey of Latina immigrant María Alicia Correa in corporate America. After years of preparation, María Alicia finally lands a dream job in a corporation, but shortly thereafter she finds out the dream was not exactly what she expected and starts evolving from naive immigrant into a person that ultimately she does not recognize or care for, building her own Purgatory of lies and sins.

Written from an immigrant’s point of view, Nos Vemos En Purgatorio sheds light and discloses juicy details on topics that are never-to-be-spoken in the corporate world, such as discrimination of minorities by other minorities.Nos Vemos En Purgatorio is chock-full of dramatic details, funny situations, erotic passages and ‘aha’ moments, packaged in a story bursting with twists, self-discovery, characters that are not what they appear and an unexpected ending.

Author, Ani Palacios Mc Bride is a Peruvian immigrant and a professional communicator who has dedicated the 21 years she’s lived in the United States to the subject of Latinos in this country. This is her third published book, but her first Spanish-language novel.

Published in Spanish by Outskirts Press, Nos Vemos En Purgatorio is available from Contacto Latino®, bookstores in Perú and at

Read the sample Chapter: Bájate de la nube, mujer

Watch a short introduction.

Discover the topics touched by the novel, which are many.

Learn about the characters and listen a few excerpts of the novel
(with comments from the videographer).


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