Inti Raymi ceremony in New York City

AbyaYala Arte y Cultura, with support from Manhattan Community Arts Fund and the Fund for Creative Communities, presents fourth annual Inti Raymi, a ceremony that originated more than 1000 years ago in South American indigenous cultures. Inti Raymi is historically celebrated in Tahuantinsuyo, the Quechua nation that extended into territories that now form part of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and parts of southern Colombia as well as northern Argentina and Chile.

On this day, people gather to honor, thank and give tribute to the Sun God (Inti) and Mother Earth (Pachamama) to mark the beginning of a new year and as a reminder of people’s interdependent connection with the planet Earth and the environment.

The Inti Raymi in New York, 2011 is designed as a day-long series of participatory events, including community forums and educational and artistic workshops about Andean and Peruvian culture. The event culminates in the staging of ceremonial rituals of the Inti Raymi with more than 50 participating actors, dancers, musicians, visual artists, architects and cultural volunteers.

Through this multidisciplinary event, AbyaYala Arte y Cultura aims to create a strong network between Andean, Latino arts and culture groups and with the extended community. The presentation of the Inti Raymi provides a stage for emerging and established local artists -most of Andean extraction –to showcase their artistry, promote and impart their art forms, and spark interest and pride in their cultural heritage.

Date & Time: Sunday, June 19, 2011, 12-5PM

Location: St Mark’s Church @ the Bowery 131 East 10th Street, New York, NY.


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