Angry World? Clear it up, soul by soul

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, “soul blender” Wendy Tuttle says it takes all of our souls to clear the world of its negative, toxic, rage.

If you are feeling a little run down from all the ire hanging like a cloud of acid rain, polluting your true self, you are not alone.

There is a huge amount of energy coming at us, says Tuttle, and it is very important that we all collaborate in finding ways to disperse it.

“We have been provided anger as a tool of our emotional experience. We are given those tools to create something. And many times we forget we also are given the freedom of choice to use those tools,” she says.

“Anger gets tamed by understanding. If we are disconnected of our true self and not trusting our divine soul, we feel afraid and can lash out,” Wendy explains.

Tuttle says that we humans lose our tempers because we are looking for validation that, yes, we are loved. “The more you are connected to the community, to their souls, the easier it is to understand yourself; the easier it is to understand others, to put judgment aside and just plain love.”

Tuttle says that each and every soul of each and every person in the world gets to vote on this situation; and the more votes toward divine self, harmony and love, the faster the world can get to a more unpolluted, uncontaminated, wholesome love state.

Put fears aside, reconnect with your soul and choose loving and understanding
“It is natural to feel compassion for others when we allow ourselves to love ourselves. The more individuals who make that choice, the easier it is for our souls to make a shift to harmony in the physical, worldly realm, and love one another,” Wendy explains.

It is because we live in fear, doubt, disconnection, that is harder for all the souls to choose loving and understanding.

“People are desperate and cannot see that the light is, and has always been, there. Everyone has a beautiful soul that is unique. Some times they forget who they are… but when they get back in touch with that divine true self they can change because they are expressing their true, unique, loving self,” says Wendy.

It all starts with self-realization and empowering yourself to be the one who chooses to listen to your soul that is pure love and comes from a divine source.

It starts with choosing to move past fear and make a perceptual shift. “The soul will follow you, will be there for you. It’s that simple: the soul makes the choice to go along with you. When you finally get it, it’s magnificent because your soul helps you integrate this into every experience you have,” explains the soul blender.

Wendy says that most of us understand than when someone starts yelling, for example, they are coming from a negative place, from circumstances where they are not loving themselves. And we have the power to step in a bad situation and make it right.

“Our eternal self knows that we don’t have to be like that. If we are at peace, we can connect to our soul, we can give ourselves permission to love and be loved, to choose better, to do better, to live better. And whenever you’ve made good decisions, which come directly from your soul, you are not distraught or angry; you are in a good place,” she says.

What is missing from most people’s lives is the feeling of love, of belonging, of contributing in a positive way, Wendy explains. And she says that a lot of us are tired, but if we can and choose to let go of fear and doubt, and remember our true selves, remember that each of us is already a perfect soul… You just have to remember who you are and bring it to the physical realm. If you do that, things will work out just fine.

“Our nature is unconditional love and to generate more love. If we choose to believe someone is sucking us dry, draining our positive energy, we can create the manifestation of that kind of experience. People who are in trauma focus on their emotional self and that is what drains them… when we step into someone else’s situation and we are focused on the emotional self, we can feel what that person is feeling and if it is a “negative” emotion , it can make you feel drained.

Emotions like joy and happiness are actually more in line with our soul, with our true self, and that’s why we don’t feel drained when we experience them. You don’t have to take on the emotions of others. If you stay connected to your soul, it will give you awareness, so you won’t judge that other person and you won’t take their garbage, you only interact with their true self, with their soul, and you get to interact on a more loving way,” explains Wendy.

The road to miracles starts with your soul
The Soul Blender says that the more people that say:

I choose to love myself;

I choose to have compassion for myself;

I choose to have compassion for others;

The more this world will be giving.

“And if everybody remembers to do that, maybe once a day, and if at that moment you allow yourself to remember your true self, the whole world would change. And than there would be no limits, all souls would be looking for wonderful and miraculous experiences,” Wendy says.

And she adds: “You can never be truly lost, only distracted by your surroundings.”

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53 thoughts on “Angry World? Clear it up, soul by soul”

  1. Anger is a very interesting emotion as it is one of the few negative emotions that drives us towards action. I have found that working with anger with clients that anger is a secondary emotion. There is always something that comes before it to help understand anger at that moment. Frustration causes anger as well as many other feelings result in anger so it takes working on the cause first to get rid of anger. Many underlying ideas are the cause of anger. I have found in years of working with people that the natural result of solving these issues exits in love and understanding.

    1. Greetings, Mary, and much gratitude for your lengthy comment! Sharing your information and insight can be helpful to many readers, as there is so much that the article did not cover. Anger is merely a tool; it is the user that chooses the purpose and experience. HARMONY

  2. Well done Wendy,
    The world is certainly deficient of a positive overall balance, and collective emotion. All of us as physical biological beings, are guilty at certain points in our lives to feel negative, and unfortunately respond in that manner.(The whole being human element). It is difficult in an imperfect world where there is so much turmoil,insecurity,inherited generation hate, wars, poverty, suffering and the never ending list goes on. Lets hope our positive lights shine, and make a positive change to a very globally unstable time.
    Keep shining your light! Mark

    1. Greetings, Mark, and much gratitude for your lengthy and heart-felt comment. You give many people much to consider, and share yourself, as well. This, in turn provides encouragement to others to communicate freely on a substantial topic. CELEBRATE

  3. In the past year I had an experience that shook me to my bones. I almost fell down a ladder and I briefly thought OMG, I’m going to die. I am still shaken by the huge reservoir of anger it released from me that I appeared to have zero control over as I unleashed it (with words) at the person who herself would have been severely harmed if I hadn’t been able to catch myself. It taught me a great deal about Fear. I would never have thought myself capable of such a thing. The memory of the experience still shocks me. I keep applying love.

    1. Jan, Much gratitude for sharing your personal experience, as many will be able to relate precisely to the emotions of the event! When Soul takes advantage of an intense situation, the opportunity to “shake something loose” that was deep within becomes an opportunity of great blessings. REJOICE

  4. The main point you have missed is: “Why does Anger arise in the first place?” Unless you have looked at this cause of your anger, you cannot start looking for solution. The root cause of Anger is desire not getting fulfilled. A desire may be just getting appreciated for whatever little effort the person puts forward and it can also be about unjustified ambitions, day dreaming, etc. So, after we look at the cause, we can be clear about way out. If we want to rid ourselves of Anger, we just need to start curbing our uncalled for desires.

    The idea of Peace and Harmony is not related to just Anger alone but a whole lot of other weaknesses, which is not the topic of discussion here. But there is no problem in accepting whatever else has been shared by the many commentators above.

    1. Thank you, C.H., for visiting this article, and supporting the author by sharing your insight. The more we all communicate, the more likely variety will expand our understandings and connections. May you experience many blessings of Love in this New Year. PEACE

    1. Many thanks, Kate, for your time, and message given by your comment. There is so much more to be shared about the role of anger in our spiritual expansion. Your bright energy is one more support in this experience. JOYFUL

  5. I totally agree with Wendy. She is an awesome soul and a treasured friend.

    Additionally, every soul is an infinite child of God regardless of the name one chooses to honor our creator even if they choose not to believe. Each infinite child is equal and created within and from divine, unconditional love.

    The physical self for many reasons, begins to see itself as separate, alone, unsupported, and needing to erect barriers for protection. Sadly, this perception is reinforced by much of the physical world.

    Reconnecting to your soul allows you to truly become who you are and enables you to live your life in harmony with the world around you even when it is less than perfect. It also helps you to realize each living being on earth is an equal part of the sacred whole.

    While you may not agree with the choices others make it is easier to resolve differences from a place of love, respect, and patience as everyone becomes aware each basically wants a good life for themselves and their family. Every soul on earth is part of God’s family and in turn yours and mine.

    “Each cross you choose to bear tears not flesh but the fabric of your soul, and shows forever the paths you chose.” Clare Bobette

    1. Aloha greetings, Clare! As always, it is a pleasure to connect with your energy, and to enjoy your heart-felt message. You easily and simply convey a message of Love and Peace to ALL. Many thanks to you1 BELOVED

  6. Thank you, once again, Wendy for bringing light to the thoughts I’m having! You are truly in tune with exactly what is going on around us and I’m so grateful to have your wisdom and light in my life!

  7. Dear Wendy, All that you say in this most important article needs to be disseminated as widely as possible. We who are in alignment with your higher wisdom support you in all your efforts. We endeavor to bring this higher awareness to everyone we meet who are open to receive it. You write with clarity and with lovingkindness toward your readership. Love & Blessings to you, Wendy. francine vale

    1. Francine, it is wonderful to feel the connection with DivineLove as I read your comments. What you have shared is uplifting to us ALL. Much gratitude for your Love and kindness. BEAUTY

  8. Wendy and Ani, thank you so much for getting this wonderful and timely message “out there”. We can see so much anger and fear in the world at the present time!

    Anger is the result of fear and, when we don’t turn within to find what it is we are afraid of and surrender to it, then let it go, it only grows and manifests into more fear and more anger — a self-perpetuating cycle.

    The only way to break this negative cycle is to spread the message that love and healing begin with self, one soul at a time. Only then can it spread and it will — like a pebble dropped into a pond, the rings of love and healing will grow ever wider and wider.

    We must help others to understand and you have done that here. It has begun. Namaste

    1. CJ, I read your beautiful comments with much gratitude. So often, when we are deeply immersed in the fear that expresses itself as anger, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember we are making a choice. Once we allow ourselves to remember this Truth, we enable Free Choice to resurface in our awareness. Then, it becomes easier for our emotional and rational aspects to choose Love. Great thanks to you, CJ, for your clear vision, message of Love, and kindness. INFINITY

  9. Wendy, thank you so much for this article. I especially enjoyed the perspective of never being lost but only being distracted by your surroundings.
    Much Appreciation-Susan

    1. Much gratitude, Susan, for your time, energy, and insight. Having clarity regarding the comment about “never being truly lost”,empowers us to make better, more loving choices, even when challenged. May you experience an exceptional New Year! JOYFUL

  10. This is a very resourceful, effective and informative artilce. From what I know about Wendy is that she is a soul who is extremely receptive, senstive and blessed with an ability which not many are blessed with. With this article she also confirms how resourceful she is. Anger is an issue most of us face and consider it a vice difficult to get rid or to tame. With this artilce she helps us how to make use of something which has only created more trouble in our lives. It has been a pleasure to read this article. My best wishes to Wendy and hope she prospers in her life. God bless.

    1. Many thanks, Rohit, for acknowledging the author, as she wrote about a complicated topic. As humans, the more we connect to our Divine awareness, the more we release fear, and understand the balancing nature of the the tools available to us here. Much gratitude for your comments, kind wishes, and presence. GRACE

  11. I am so happy to see this article. Anger and fear are topics we have been addressing on our website recently as well. You are spot on- the way to overcome our basic programmed human responses based on negative emotions is to connect fully with what is inside us. Only when we have experienced directly the power of the unconditional love that is the foundation of our being, can we trust. Only when we trust fully do we move beyond the need for anger. Bless you for what you are doing. If you are interested, we’ve just posted a very short guided meditation on our homepage designed to bring one into that space. I wonder if it is in any way similar to what you do? If you can use it in any way, feel free.

    1. Hannah, thank you so much for your kind comments, especially about Unconditional Love as the foundation of our Being. If you visit my website, there is a Bio page,and one about “The Soul Blending Experience” which give some details to answer your question. I am definately in a natural, constant, and effortless state of Divine connection. Much gratitude for your offer of a guided meditation on your beautiful website, a great way for everyone to connect to their awareness of SoulSelf. BLISS

  12. Hi all,

    I agreed with your article all the way, When we feel a sense of disconnect we will play out anger as fear by not allowing love in our life. We don’t feel successful until we are with the one who love us authentically , but most people have learned to role play personally traits early in our childhood as coping skills. Now that I am older and a mother of two , I feel empower to be authentic, nothing else works for me anymore. I know that part of being a mom is giving my kids coping skills that will help them become undone by love with healthy boundaries as they respect them self alone the way to being mature souls.

    1. Much gratitude, Paula, for your time and comments! The example of Love you live for your children is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give. To truly give something to our children, we must first know it/be it within ourselves. In today’s world, fear prevents us from knowing/loving our true Self, making it difficult to experience or give “authentic” Love to another. “Authentic” SelfLove includes self respect, allowing healthy boundaries to be chosen. Many thanks, Paula, for bringing our treasured children into this understanding of anger and Love. NURTURE

  13. Many thanks, Bridget, for your time to make your thoughtful comments, and helpful suggestions. Providing insight on this topic, and a way to use it, is a wonderful contribution to calming understanding, and self awareness. Each opportunity is a step on humanity’s path to PEACE. COMPASSION

  14. Anger can be a healthy emotion, when it is used to understand a suppressed pain or injustice. Yet, once recognised we can use its energy and channel it positively to make changes to the situation or feeling; therefore transforming its negative into a positive outcome.
    Healthy boundaries are important in order to stay in balance. When we are too open and feel others negative emotions it is important to protect ourselves. Know when to say “No!” Know whom you want to interact with. Make the choice to choose those experiences which make you happy and where there is a good exhange of energy.
    If someone drains you, keep clear of them, or if circumstances do not allow this, then make your body a closed circuit (cover your abdoman ‘solar plexus’ and place your feet firmly together on the ground). This will protect you :).
    Happy growing, Bridget

    1. I agree with Bridget wholeheartedly and find often that holding my personal boundaries can really anger people. Their anger is my shield as

  15. I wish to acknowledge with deep gratitude everyone who has spent time reading this article, and/or energy making the heart-felt comments. The connection with your presence has touched me. For anyone interested in further information on this topic, I shall welcome your visit to my Soul Talk blog page entry: Musings from the Heart ~ Anger Leads to Peace. ( ) JOYOUS

  16. Dearest Wendy,
    Such profound wisdom you speak, I feel it in my heart, my bones and in the cells of my soul. ALL is about choice, moment to moment to moment, as we create our experience/reality with the focus of our choices. Do we choose to experience what we DO want, from a place of loving, believing in and supporting ourselves unconditionally and with compassion, or not? All is choice, all is creation and ultimatly all is love and all is prayer. Are we consciously loving, creating and praying? Choices choices. No judgement, no right or wrong. All is truly well! And another moment arrives!
    Much much love and always more love, with hugs,

    1. It is with much gratitude, Sophia, and a Happy heart, that I read your comments. You have brought much illumination to the role of choice in our daily life. Awareness brings empowerment. Awareness allows anger to be replaced with LOVE. Free choice is one of our greatest gifts as human beings… a beautiful way to experience LOVE. EXUBERANCE

  17. We brought with us, into this world, the genes and history of our forefathers which lay begnign until someone taught us to judge. I have spent years learning to undo all that training and still find I am steeped in those early years when I was open and in hypnosis. I believed everything I heard, saw and felt. Now, as I train my students, I teach them to bring up their children differently: to use their psychic senses and trust them.

    1. Much gratitude to you Margaret,for your comments regarding judgement. They can help many realize that self judgement often limits choices. Relief from self judgement (conditioning, etc.)promotes free choice, expansion, perceptual shifts, and creativity! INSPIRATION

  18. “We have been provided anger as a tool of our emotional experience. We are given those tools to create something. And many times we forget we also are given the freedom of choice to use those tools,” she says.

    I think these words capture perfectly the nature of all our emotional experiences. They are a message about how we are responding to our thoughts and triggers. How we interpret those messages and what we choose to do with the emotional energy is our choice. We can use them for causing hurt and fostering our own hurt, or for healing and evolution of ourselves and others.

    Thanks for the reminder. Good timing:)


  19. Dear Wendy,

    Gratitude for a timely and much-needed message for these times. It is encouraging to see people spreading the word of peace and love.

    Blessings on your soul journey.

    Rev. Robert Meagher

    1. Gratitude to you as well, Robert, for your spiritual blessing and energy in support of this article, and adding your light to the world message of LOVE and PEACE for ALL. ABUNDANCE

  20. Your message was so well said and it gave me courage to stay focused and hold good intentions, once again 😉
    I appreciate the kindness in which you write and share, Wendy!
    Many Blessings,

    1. So very many thanks to you, Noelle, for sharing your deep insight and awareness that you used this article in your own way to cope with the overwhelming situations, energies/emotions, and rapid changes that confront us daily. Soul awareness gives us so many more resources in these challenging times. PEACE

  21. Wendy is so right…!
    Really, our high self is made of joy and happiness! Only our earthly self is full of greed and negative emotions. Yes, we must
    get back in our high self over hard spiritual work. Know: For hard spiritual work God pays us with positive energy. Seldom the universe pays with money for spiritual work. We must connect our
    earthly self again with our high self and our high self we must
    connect again with the universal overall self. That is was everybody must do earlier or later!
    Again many thanks to Wendy for her great spiritual wisdom!

  22. This is beautiful. It’s always wonderful to be reminded of CHOICE. I am a teacher and I was just discussing today with a family member that I feel so drained after classes, and yet on staff days, I often work many extra hours and feel fine. I am sensitive to energy, but it never dawned on me that I’m taking on all my students’ stresses! I CHOOSE to remember to be centered this school year, to connect to my students in a way that is healthy for me as well as them and in a way that protects and loves MY OWN EMOTIONAL SELF.

    Thank you for the lovely thoughts…

    Not all who wander are lost…

    I am not lost.

    1. Elizabeth, we are ALL blessed by your choice to share a personal and empowering experience. Much gratitude for showing us how to make a choice that simultaneously Loves OUR emotional self, and Loves others as well. TRANQUILITY

  23. Great explanation on this topic, Wendy!

    For me there is also either FEAR or LOVE. You can only choose one OR the other!

    We need to heal our emotions to remain healthy and also start loving ourselves. We pretend to love others, but we don’t love ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we expect that someone else loves us?

    It is necessary to become aware of our EGO! When do we come from EGO? The EGO loves FEAR! It’s important to connect with our ‘Divine Hearts’ and our ‘Divine OverSELF’ to bypass our EGO. Also start living more from the heart. For me it’s like ‘Thinking with the Heart’ and ‘Feeling with the Brain’.

    Looking forward to read more great interviews and articles from you.

    In Love & Light,

    1. Much gratitude, Petra, for sharing your insightful comments! Yes, healing our emotional self/aspect eases our way to KNOW self, so that we can consciously LOVE self. Only then can we begin to truly KNOW how to LOVE others. Living from our Divine Hearts will always maintain that connection to awareness! LOVE

  24. Thank you very much, Wendy! You are so right!

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