Mitt Romney at the NAACP Conference. Photo: Romney campign

Romney is not making inroads with minorities

Mitt Romney at the NAACP Conference. Photo: Romney campaign

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney only showed up at one large Hispanic conference this summer: NALEO (National Association of Latino Elected Officials). There, he proceeded to unveil his Immigration Reform. Sorry, his legal-only-screw-the-undocumented Immigration Reform. He skipped the LULAC conference and sent a bizarre video to the National Council of La Raza event yesterday. Today, he did show at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) conference, the largest African-American event, but was vigorously booed when he promised to repeal health care reform during his speech.

What was he thinking when he made these decisions? With only four months to go, the aspiring president is openly showing his true colors, and they do not include brown or black.

As a voting Latina I find it hard to listen to this candidate, I keep looking for something that would sound remotely convincing, but even reading through campaign press releases and emails makes me feel utterly powerless and bitterly depressed. I already know where the country is going with Obama, and even though it’s not optimal, not even close, at least there’s no uncomfortable sensation that my president hates me or is plotting to destroy one group to benefit another. There is a performance issue with President Obama, not a Nazi mentality, not an upcoming Apartheid, not a Berlin wall or a special sticker stamped on the foreheads of the undocumented, there is no self-deportation or vetoing of a DREAM Act. There are promises that continue to be unfulfilled by our current president; there’s dragging of feet and a sensation of being taken for a ride, there’s more deportations than in the Bush era and way too many emails asking to chip in $3, but they are not this ominous cloud of Apocalypses coming for minorities vaguely sprinkled on the Republican candidate messages and actions.

Hateful behavior and disrespectful speech does not go unnoticed in ethnic minority communities. And payback time does come at the voting booth –with 36 percent of the electorate, you bet it will.


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