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Querido diario, no sé qué churretera tendrán los candidatos a la presidencia de Estados Unidos que a lo único que atinan últimamente es a tirarse unos peditos, de esos bien olorosos que todo el mundo voltea a oler, pero luego nada… No llegamos a nada. No es ya como hace cuatro años, que mi morenito […]

Forget the proclamations, the speeches, the month-full of Latino movies. I don’t need to see one more person in Mexican costume, or hear politicians and corporate executives refer to Latinos as their “amigos”. Please don’t speak Spanish masticado only when it is convenient to your campaign; and stop sending mixed signals about your love/hate relationship […]

President Obama has asked the Hispanic community in particular to support the American Jobs Act. “Our future is tied to how well the Latino community does,” said President Obama to a crowd attending the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 34th Annual Awards Gala last week. The president said during his speech that the fight to put more Americans […]

Como una iniciativa de un grupo de líderes colombianos residentes en la ciudad de Houston, TX, que incluyen a Vladimir Naranjo, Claudia Rojas, Vicky Isaza, Alejandra Rueda, Magnolia Sanmiguel, Gloria Pastrana  y Josefina Ramírez, se llevará a cabo una colecta de ropa para ayudar a los damnificados por la severa ola invernal en Colombia durante […]

Do you remember a Day without Immigrants in May of 2006? I do. I was there, marching alongside my two teen daughters in Columbus, Ohio. That day, hundreds of thousands skipped work and even shopping to show the country how would it feel if all of a sudden immigrants were not part of the picture. […]

What do “I” represent to you?

Let’s put politics aside and talk about what’s being left on the table. The “I” market is more than the negative stereotypes fed by the media and propagated by fear; it also represents wealth, education, talent and entrepreneurship. It brings businesses to the USA and employs individuals, generates revenue and pays taxes in this country. […]

Even if you are not Latino or immigrant, the new film by Chris Weitz (the director of About a Boy and The Twilight Saga: New Moon ) will leave an impression and probably many tears rolling down your cheeks. Well directed and well written, the film, starring rugged and handsome mexican telenovela actor Demián Bichir as […]

Todo comienza porque tenemos hambre y soledad y tristeza, y tenemos miedo de desconectarnos, de vivir expatriados, en el limbo del inmigrante, ni de aquí ni de allá. Todo empieza porque no queremos vivir en este lugar solos y sentimos que en cada arepa, cada ceviche, cada empanada, cada tamal estamos allí, aunque sea en […]