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Once upon a time, Mitt Romney had a chance with minorities; the very same chance that President Obama had. Actually, he had a better chance. Latinos, Asians and other minorities closely following immigration issues had grown disappointed with the president. You see, Obama promised comprehensive immigration reform during his first campaign and instead he delivered […]

Querido diario, no sé qué churretera tendrán los candidatos a la presidencia de Estados Unidos que a lo único que atinan últimamente es a tirarse unos peditos, de esos bien olorosos que todo el mundo voltea a oler, pero luego nada… No llegamos a nada. No es ya como hace cuatro años, que mi morenito […]

While the Obama camp launched its first ad in Spanish, Latino Republican members of Congress spoke of the many ways this administration has not delivered on promises made during the epic campaign of 2008 (and 2009, 2010, 2011 and, of course, 2012) and has in many ways hurt further a community that massively contributed to […]

Forget the proclamations, the speeches, the month-full of Latino movies. I don’t need to see one more person in Mexican costume, or hear politicians and corporate executives refer to Latinos as their “amigos”. Please don’t speak Spanish masticado only when it is convenient to your campaign; and stop sending mixed signals about your love/hate relationship […]

President Obama has asked the Hispanic community in particular to support the American Jobs Act. “Our future is tied to how well the Latino community does,” said President Obama to a crowd attending the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 34th Annual Awards Gala last week. The president said during his speech that the fight to put more Americans […]

There was only one presidential hopeful at the GOP Tea Party Debate on Monday, September 12, that when asked about Latinos and immigration said something that made me say: “That’s right… and that’s the one thing no one talks about.” No, it was not Rick Perry and it was not amnesty. While Rick Santorum talked […]

While the Tequila Party’s objective is to become to Latinos what the Tea Party is for middle class America; one of its biggest hindrances is in its branding, starting with the name. Some find it offensive. Some, not broad enough, not inclusive at all; and some don’t think they can take the group seriously with […]

Globalization is inevitable. It is already happening. It’s a fascinating worldwide phenomenon and it is not specific to one particular country. It is an evolution driven by people, which makes it even more captivating, because it has millions of moving parts. As the editor of Contacto Latino, a global site, I’m faced with reading, and […]