Got a few minutes? Have a conversation with your soul

Wendy Tuttle had a gift that she says grew within her even before she muttered her first words. A talent she recognized at a young age would present its difficulties in real life. You see, Wendy hears the voices of the souls of each and every person she meets.

As a spiritual and intuitive consultant, Wendy Tuttle helps her clients increase their spiritual awareness and find resolution to critical life issues. She offers “soul-connected” consultations and teaches classes on spiritual topics, life questions, decision making, self-understanding, self-improvement, and relationship development.

“I deal with souls, with the information that comes from the divine Creator. When I come in contact with a person, I can feel it inside that person the connection of souls and the information that surfaces during our session. It’s pretty intense,” she explains.

Wendy says that she does not need to be next to a person, she can be miles away, on a phone, and she would still get the same amount of communication from deep inside any individual, from their soul. Even if she’s working with a group, she says she can feel the different energies coming together in the room.

Long time ago she realized that she could “learn” about a person as soon as she met him or her and realized that the information she was given In such a fashion needed to be placed aside so that she could concentrate on what the focus of the conversation was for that particular soul.

Through her connection to Soul, Wendy is able to provide clients with insight, self-discovery techniques, healing, and personal acceptance. She has also done extensive work with past life discovery and understanding of the dream state.

“Your soul loves you so much, it can help you by showing you what’s best for you, by giving you clarity,” Tuttle says.

Wendy has performed healing on people and animals. “It’s all in us. We all have the same powers. Some just can feel it more than others,” she says.

“As the “Soul Blender”, I give voice to your own Soul Self, as well as others. When you come to a session, you can experience connecting with your soul. You can experience true clarity, insight, the joy of self-discovery, expansion of perception, healing, and the end of searching for your true self. Soul Blending is limitless, allowing for communication with all life forms. Soul Blending is for all who choose to expand their spiritual self-awareness, and experience completion,” Wendy describes.

She’s experienced near-death experiences and has seen the souls in their natural environment, and she says that there is nothing to be afraid.

“It is all about knowing and loving yourself and connecting at a deeper level with your soul, which is, in essence, unconditional love and protection. Everyone can make that connection, and more awareness gives you more happiness,” she says.

But, Wendy warns, in order to have the free choices you have to have all choices. As a soul, you have one hundred percent free choice to experience something. Your soul chooses something for a reason, and, she says, it is usually because it is something it’s yearning to experience.

“There is the emotional self, the rational mind and the physical body; and your soul is contained there. A rational mind is set up to question things; so if anything happens effortlessly the mind will question it. What you have to do to experience that connection, that joy, is just let the real you flow. If you are busy judging, you are not trusting. Don’t waste time judging, be kind to yourself and the next time you’ll be able to listen to your soul and choose what your soul knows is best for you.”

She says that everything, even healing, is about reconnecting with your soul, understanding and trusting. “When you trust, you are open to receive. When you connect with your soul, everything becomes effortless,” she explains.

Maybe you believe in this and maybe not, but the Soul Blender has a message for your soul (so be kind and pass it on): “You are deeply loved and come from a divine source, and that will never go away.”

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