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It’s happening! Reversing ‘cowboy-style’ anti-immigrant attitudes, laws like the ones enacted in Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, and programs such as Secure Communities, that unfairly target Latinos and Asians and bring about massive deportations of non-criminals and family separation is starting to click throughout the country. Just this week, in cities like Chicago and states like California, […]

Do you remember a Day without Immigrants in May of 2006? I do. I was there, marching alongside my two teen daughters in Columbus, Ohio. That day, hundreds of thousands skipped work and even shopping to show the country how would it feel if all of a sudden immigrants were not part of the picture. […]

El ataque de los mensajes presidenciales y electorales bipolares ha empezado. Esto se está poniendo interesante. Por un lado tenemos al Presidente Obama, tres años después y sin haber cumplido con las promesas electorales de reforma migratoria, y más bien mostrando una tendencia anti-inmigrante con el aumento en las deportaciones en un setenta por ciento, […]

On April 20, the day of the first anniversary of SB1070, the harsh and controversial anti-immigrant law, DeeDee García Blasé, the leader of Somos Republicans launched her Tequila Party. In a column in the Voice of Tucson she wrote about her disappointment with current laws and leaders, her frustration with the Obama administration and the […]

“Education Not Deportation: A Guide for Undocumented Youth in Removal Proceedings” has been written and published by the Asian Law Caucus, Educators for Fair Consideration, DREAMactivist.org and National Immigrant Youth Alliance. This guide is intended to aid certain undocumented students and their lawyers to fight effectively throughout a removal (deportation) proceeding. The organizations involved in […]

La HB87 explicada & HB 87 explained

The Latin American Association and the Asian American Legal Advocacy Center of Georgia will present a seminar to the community regarding House Bill 87,  what it means and how can it affect the community, individuals and families. The seminar will be presented by advocates and experts. It will take place June 25th from 2 to […]

The American Civil Liberties Union, the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) and a coalition of other civil rights groups filed a class action lawsuit on June 2 challenging Georgia’s discriminatory anti-immigrant law passed last month and inspired by Arizona’s notorious SB 1070. The Georgia law authorizes police to demand “papers” demonstrating citizenship or immigration status […]

A statement by the Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA) “On Wednesday, May 26, as the clocked ticked down the final moments of the 82nd Legislative session, the prediction of some Senate Democrats that their Tuesday vote to block HB12 was the end of “sanctuary cities” came true. Sen. Tommy Williams did not try a […]