» Undocumented youth

Since June 15, undocumented youth across the country, or DREAMers, as we’ve come to known them as eligible to participate of a future DREAM Act, started relishing a short-term opportunity of becoming free to be, to participate and work, as beneficiaries of the latest in a roller coaster of maybe’s in the last four years, […]

Undocumented youth coming out of the shadows this week have sacrificed in a very courageous, public and risky way to express out loud their situation and their feelings regarding their legal status. In its second year, Coming out of the shadows week will hit several cities across the United States, including Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los […]

Mitt Romney: no friend of immigrants

Even though the presidential candidate hopeful currently leading the charts, Mitt Romney, has said publicly he “supports” legal immigration and that he wants to “end illegal immigration so that legal immigration can be protected”, he has not given much detail of what that “support” would actually entail. As a campaign promise on New Year’s Eve, […]

“Education Not Deportation: A Guide for Undocumented Youth in Removal Proceedings” has been written and published by the Asian Law Caucus, Educators for Fair Consideration, DREAMactivist.org and National Immigrant Youth Alliance. This guide is intended to aid certain undocumented students and their lawyers to fight effectively throughout a removal (deportation) proceeding. The organizations involved in […]