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Mitt Romney: no friend of immigrants

Even though the presidential candidate hopeful currently leading the charts, Mitt Romney, has said publicly he “supports” legal immigration and that he wants to “end illegal immigration so that legal immigration can be protected”, he has not given much detail of what that “support” would actually entail. As a campaign promise on New Year’s Eve, […]

First, it was Perry who got heat from fellow GOP presidential candidates for charging undocumented young students in-state tuition and having the erroneous (or was it on purpose?) idea to call it the Texas Dream Act, which confused everyone and made them believe the governor is indeed a supporter of the actual DREAM Act, which […]

If birthers had it their way, most second generation immigrants could not ever serve as U.S president or vice president. If birthers had it their way, only people who fall under their definition of “natural-born” citizens could be elected president of the United States of America. This is because according to birthers to be a […]

Here’s a question for our readers: do you think it’s fair for taxpayers who are currently employed and for the unemployed who were formerly taxpayers that President Barack Obama is campaigning while pretending to do his job? I got a letter from Jim Messina, from the Obama 2012 headquarters explaining how almost one million people […]

Me di el gusto de conocer a la poeta mexicana Minerva Margarita Villarreal durante el III Encuentro de Escritores Letras en la Frontera, presentado por The Society of Hispanic/Latino Writers of San Antonio, la Universidad Autónoma de México en San Antonio y The University of Texas at San Antonio en la ciudad de San Antonio. […]

La semana pasada, la agencia federal de inmigración y aduanas (ICE) arrestó a casi 3,000 indocumentados con antecedentes penales y sujetos a deportación. La redada, que tomó lugar en los 50 estados del país, y pescó la mayor cantidad de individuos en una sola batida en la historia de la nación, viene luego de que […]

Last week the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) arrested almost 3,000 undocumented immigrants who have a criminal record and are subject to deportation. The raids, that took place in the fifty states of the country and netted the largest amount of individuals in one single event in recent history, came on the heels […]

Mayra is a student at UCLA, a mother, a wife, a savvy new entrepreneur. She has a brilliant future ahead of her… maybe… You see, Mayra is a DREAMer, one of the more than one million students who were brought into the United States illegally by her parents and became undocumented in the country she […]